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Security Guard Services

We take the well-being of our clients very seriously, we make our clients feel comfortable carrying on with their business or any other activities. Our security guard services meet all of our clients’ security needs.

We deploy uniformed officers, mobile patrol to clients site at all time. Our security guards and security officers are the reason we have grown into one of the most efficient security providers in the industry we operate. At each of our clients site, our qualified security guards represent our clients in the most professional manner possible. Whatever the detail of an assignment or service calls for, we maintain a wide array of highly qualified officers. Our security guard services include but not limited to:

  • Home Security
  • Campus Security
  • Farm Security
  • Business Protection Security
  • Event Security Guard
  • Investigative Services
  • Counter Surveillance.

Home Security

We provide 24hrs 7 days a week home protection services for houses and apartments using a wide range of techniques such as wireless security products, security alarm system, surveillance cameras and many more to protect client houses and apartments.

We assigned an alarm device to all subscribers of our home security services. The assigned device allows each client to turn the service on or off as needed. Our home security service gives clients a piece of mind and client does not need to rely on neighbors to watch their homes if at any time they are out of town for extended period of time.

Campus Security Service

We value safety and believes safety comes first and as well aware that campus security is a paramount consideration for parents and students when choosing a school and that is why we have taken campus security very serious.

Our campus security services cut across Primary institution, Secondary, Polytechnics and Universities both public and privately owned. We focus on the safety and security of the students, staff and guests through routine patrols of campus.

Most of our campus security professionals come from a diversified background with specialized training and are able to handle a variety of security scenarios that may occur on campus.

Our campus security services include day-to-day security of campus via:

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Building Checks
  • Alarm Responses
  • Monitoring Security Systems.

Our patrol officers patrol clients Institutions and also assist the institution community with safety concerns.

Farm Security

In Nigeria today, rural theft and far destruction is on the increase on a daily basis and it is causing the farmers loss of money, farm produce and as well lives of loved ones and workers. Farm is a means of livelihood, so it is important to prioritise the security of the farm with a comprehensive farm security solution.

Our professional security operators remotely monitor clients rural alarm systems and site cctv, responding to alerts of intruders. Once there is an alert, our security team immediately react to confirm the cause and identify any suspicious activity and immediately put physical security guards on red alert. What stands us out from other security firm when it comes to farm security services are:

  • We have highly trained security professionals monitoring clients farm both physically and remotely.
  • Our farm security service comes with live audio announcement that deter intruders from entering the farm.
  • Our remote monitoring supports our clients farm security systems which include but not limited to CCTV, Intruder and fire alarm system as well as access control.
  • It prevents downtime and interruptions to farm work from thieves and vandals