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About Us

About Company

Gamut Security & Escort Services is an acclaimed firm of security agents with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property. We are a category A security company that is licensed to work in 36 states and FCT. Our teams which includes American-trained personnel and ex-military men and women, are responsive professionals that are always ready to meet customers’ needs in this ever-changing business environment.

We operate in all market segments and have a customer and staff centric philosophy. We value integrity, teamwork, attitude, performance and passion. Currently, our portfolio includes the protection of assets worth over 50 Billion naira and we believe that your project is well suited to our strengths and aspirations.We have made significant investments in technology such as surveillance and alarm systems to ensure both our internal and external processes deliver outstanding customer service and real time information. We surpass our competition in meeting the standards of what a security service company consists of in the industry today. As a security provider, we provide much more than to deter, detect and installations.

We are one-stop shop for all security needs, from home to retail to building to worksite to office to event, and any kind of infrastructure. We provide top-rated security services ranging from personal escort to corporate security services to suit any situation. We provide the most well-trained personnel, top-level security protection, technology, loss prevention officers, and professional security services, guaranteeing the very best in customer service. We also offer different security types of equipment that are high value and well-configured. For peace of mind, we carry comprehensive insurance, and all locally required licenses and certifications are up to date.

Mission: To provide committed, ethical, efficient and cost effective security services and constantly adding value through innovations in our services to our clients.

Vision: To set Gamut Security & Escort Services as a leading security solution provider, and build a global brand in the security industry

At Gamut Security, safety always comes first. Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of safety and security means you can focus on getting the job done without risk to your people, products, or property. Our goal is to provide top-rated security services to our clients and protect them from any possible danger using human capacity, technology, and security equipment that are high value and well-configured.

Each member of the Gamut Security team is carefully screened. Our pre-employment background process includes criminal record checks, vulnerable sector checks, and psychological testing. Each security officer is interviewed by our management team, thoroughly vetted, and must supply five verifiable references. Successful candidates are then trained in our systems, equipment, and certifications.

Gamut Security’s training protocols exceed those of any other security company in the region. All our security guards and officers receive police defensive tactics training, patrol training, and criminal law education. In addition, they receive training in customer service, intercultural competency, and mental health first aid.

We supply all our own equipment, including:

  • 2-Way radios.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Surveillance technology and software.
  • Legal weapons.

We know what it takes to keep our customers business environment as well as properties safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to our customer’s business operations by providing superior customer service and attention to detail. We take ownership of every customer’s property. At Gamut Security and Escort Services, we care about our customers and their businesses. We focus on detail that brings our customers business to the forefront of their industry.

We have developed to a total security solution provider in the short history of our company. Today, we operate in a wide range of industry sectors such as Telecommunication, finance, real estate and Construction, Oil & Gas as well as private sector, providing reliability, flexibility and innovation